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Best Practices Forum

The Inclusion Best Practices Forum focuses on engaging, developing and amplifying the processes and tools companies are using to build inclusive cultures that attract and retain women in technology. 

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Steering Committee


Denise LeLeux- Chair


Julie Simmons- WTC


Alison Lutjemeier- Adobe


Cathy Donahue- Domo


Agnes Chiao- Instructure


Janelle Seegmiller- Vivint


Lyda Bigelow- University of Utah


Jamie Dalton- Ancestry

Dialogues, Advocates Key in Creating Diverse Company Culture

“If diversity issues are thought of as a standalone rather than a culture issue, we know there’s a problem. It can’t be women verses men—it has to be inclusive,” she said.

Denise Leleux, a member of the group’s advisory board, agreed, and said the group has been working with companies that have shown strong examples of promoting a company culture that supports diversity.

“Inclusion should be the program, and diversity should be the result,” she said.

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