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WTC Student Innovators is an industry-led STEM program for women pursuing STEM degrees

  1. JOIN a network of 10,000 women and men STEM industry professionals who want you to succeed
  2. LEARN how successful women succeeded in STEM careers beyond college and gain new insight into your career potential
  3. LAUNCH your career by getting early career advice and opportuniites for interesting college internships into STEM companies
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Women Tech Council is excited to once again honor outstanding female college students at the Women Tech Awards.  The STEM Student Pathway award also includes a scholarship. Please send your nominations for female students who are in their sophomore or junior year (as of August 2018) and who are doing outstanding service or outreach activities. Nominees should be currently in STEM programs, progressing in STEM areas or may not be fully committed to STEM due to hardships or lack of confidence.  The ideal candidates are female students with the potential to use this scholarship to be successful in a STEM career.

Women Tech Council Launches Student Innovators Program to help retain and graduate female collegiate STEM students.

Meet Tammy PlateroWeber State University student and the 2017 Student Pathway Award Recipient. 

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For 10 years, Women Tech Council has supported university mentorship efforts through its various talent and economic programs. This year, Women Tech Council formalizez its university efforts to create the Women Tech Council Student Innovators (WTCSI) consortium consisting of higher ed partners, government partners, and industry partners. One critical focus of the WTCSI consortium is to retain women STEM students mid-degree, where the research shows that almost 40% of women students opt out of completing their STEM degree during that critical time and move to other non-STEM degrees.

The WTCSI program provides five elements that help lead to success: Industry Engagement, Industry Mentoring, Workforce Integration, Visible Impact, and Leadership Opportunities. We would love for your company to join WTCSI's consortium.

Industry members will support a kick-off event October 3rd hosted by the University of Utah, support content, resources, events, career fairs, internships, and tech tours for student engagement and workforce development. And finally, encourage and support women STEM students to participate in WTCSI's student leadership and visibility events.

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