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Women Tech Wednesday

Highlighting the women driving innovation, leading technology organizations, strengthening other women in tech, and helping grow the technology community.

Jan 8 - 2019 Women Tech Award recipients

For the last 12 years, the Women Tech Awards have recognized women across all technology disciplines who are founding and leading technology companies, trailblazing new paths, and building innovative technologies, experiences and tools. These women exemplify those personas, and personally illustrate the multiplier impact of women in tech. 

Each woman was chosen from among dozens of candidates by a panel of industry judges for their impact on the technology industry and economy, and their community contributions. A STEM student and Adobe were also recognized for their positive impact on women in the technology sector, showing the importance and power of engaging all members of the technology community. 

Jan 15 - Aniza Brown: Visionary Trailblazer

Aniza Brown is the director of corporate transformation at Hill Air Force Base.

"I worked continually to support myself and pay for college, graduating in 2013 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. I am currently pursuing an MS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona. Aside from schooling, I try to balance my incredibly demanding job, mentoring activities, and starting my family.

Dream Job:

"My dream job is where I can be an enabler for inclusion of diversity, innovation and modernization."

Favorite Weekend Activity: Snowboarding