Women-Led Startups

The Women-Led Startup Program works to connect women founders and leaders with venture capital, mentors, board members and community to support their growth, fundraising and success.

Kat Kennedy (Chief Product Officer at Degreed), Sunny Washington (founder and President of Because Learning) and Cydni Rogers Tetro joined ABC news to discuss Women Tech Council’s newly launched forum, The Women Founders Forum. Encouraging WTC’s platform of the economic impact of women, the Women Founders Forum is a group that will meet to discuss and promote the attributes, skills and resources necessary for women to be successful entrepreneurs and founders of their own companies.

With a male dominated industry, finding investors and those willing to help nurture a company is a challenge. To be successful founders, women need not only technical skills, but they also need to be able to manage projects efficiently, pitch ideas and connect with those who share their vision. The Women Founders Forum will be a place where women can share best practices in starting businesses and give opportunities for women to develop the necessary skills to be successful.

Women Tech Council hosted a series of startup workshops in collaboration with StartSLC startup conference.

For those who have thought “I have a great mobile app idea”, GoMobile IdeaLab is a hands-on mobile design session with training to get started in the right direction. Ideas are the focus so no programming experience is required. This is a program to build on ideas to create social impact. An incredible networking opportunity and place to test your ideas in the mobile app space.

Think Like A CEO

5 strategies from expert panelists Jana Francis from STEALS.com, Cydni Tetro at 3DplusMe and LaRae Wright at Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business to highlight key attributes and practices of CEO’s. They discussed about what it means to think like a CEO when it comes to hiring, teamwork, growth planning, marketing and sales and raising capital.