Get Involved

There are many ways to become involved in the Women Tech Council. You can get involved in one of the formal programs listed below or if you have other ways you would like to get involved reach out to us. Our community is built on community involvement. We would love your help!!

Mentor & Connect

Networking is critical. Join the monthly 3×3 Connections to meet people in the community and you can also be a Connector, each month 6-9 Connectors lead the conversations with the community. 

Speaker & Advocate

If you are interested in speaking, let us know, help us know what you are an expert in so we can match you with opportunities. And if you are already speaking and we can help promote or amplifying your work let us know.

Inclusion & Diversity

WTC has a strong Inclusion & Diversity program that shares best practices, publishes information and brings together diversity and talent Leaders across tech companies to work together.

Tech Trends & Innovation

Are you a female founder, working on breakthrough innovation or an expert in your field and you can share that with the community and high school students. Let us know.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Kristin Wright at [email protected]