Create Your Career Masterpiece

The holiday event was themed “Create Your Career Masterpiece”. During the Women Tech Council Holiday event, four individuals are sharing their own Career Masterpiece story.

Tara Shipp, Pluralsight

Selma Mlikota, O.C. Tanner

Katie Cardon, Cricut

Becky Frost, Instructure

Brave Your Brand

This theme was BRAVE YOUR BRAND. We invited two very special speakers to inspire us on authentically crafting and living our personal brand. We are also supporting Women of the World non-profit, which provides hope, support, supplies, education, and positivity to hundreds of women refugees and their families. We were inspired, gave back, and as always, were entertained by The Scarlet Fox!

Dr. Joelle Jay – “Leading Yourself To Success”
Author, Executive Coach, And Principal, Leadership Research Institute

Joelle Jay, Ph.D., is an executive coach who helps leaders achieve what they want to achieve…and lead the lives they want to live. Joelle is the author of The Inner Edge: The Ten Practices of Personal Leadership and Advantage, How Women in Leadership Can Create Win-Wins for Their Companies and Themselves. Joelle specializes in the advancement of executive women, and she is proud to have worked in a number of the most successful and most-admired companies to support the development of top talent into positions of leadership.

Farai Madzima – “I Shouldn’t Be Here And Other Myths”
Lead UX Designer At Shopify, Organizer Pixel Up!, Global Connector

Born in Zimbabwe, Farai Madzima was going to be a doctor but didn’t get the grades. Now he’s a designer. Make of that what you will. Using words, scribbles, and pixels he’s spent the last 14 years helping design and build products and teams in the UK, South Africa, and Canada. Farai has appeared at events worldwide, including IXDA Interaction and IASummit. He organizes Pixel Up! and Source Up! conferences and meetups in South Africa. These events connect designers and developers in Africa with their peers around the world.

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