Utah is committed to accelerating the number of girls in the STEM talent pipeline through a unified effort across industry, community, education and government. This year the Women Tech Council, legislature and Governor worked together to declare March 20 Utah Girls in Tech day. We are excited by the united support for girls in tech.

On this day, we ask parents, educators, companies and communities to engage girls in various opportunities to celebrate girls in tech, learn about tech careers, interact with role models and be inspired to pursue tech careers.

As part of this important day, the Women Tech Council created the GIT Challenge. The challenge is designed to help companies, parents, educators and community to actively create opportunities for girls in STEM and to recognize the amazing work that girls in tech are already doing. Please share your chosen activities on social media using #utgirlsintech – let’s show the nation how engaged Utah is in supporting our girls in tech!

Girls in Tech Challenge

This Women Tech Council Challenge provides recommendations to activate community, companies, parents, educators and girls in honor of March 20 Utah Girls in Tech day. We ask participants to commit to at least one of these activities on March 20.


  • Host an event on March 20 at your company for daughters of your employees or girls in your network to introduce them to technology and role models.
  • Register high school girls of your employees to participate in SheTech. SheTech is the largest industry-led STEM activation program for high school girls to inspire them into career degrees and careers (www.shetechexplorer.com)
  • Become a SheTech industry partner by providing mentors, hosting high school girls for internships and hosting high school SheTech Clubs at your company.
  • Highlight a tech project by a girl in your network on approved social media


  • Invite a female tech role model to come to your class on March 20 to inspire students
  • Provide hands-on tech experiences in your class on March 20 to inspire students
  • Highlight tech projects by girls from your school and showcase them across the entire school or approved social media
  • Register high school girls to attend SheTech Explorer Day on April 9


  • Recognize local girls tech efforts at your local community events
  • Share a story of a Utah girl in tech on your approved social media
  • Invite local female tech role models to speak to your local girls and community about opportunities


  • Introduce your daughter to someone that works in a technology job and have them tell your daughter about the role
  • Register your daughter for a tech or STEM camp, activity, event or program so she can learn more (for high school girls register them for SheTech (www.shetechexplorer.com)
  • Help your daughter research educational pathways and salaries for one or two tech jobs
  • Help your daughter find a tech or STEM scholarship


  • Learn about a tech role model and learn more about their job and opportunity
  • Do a tech project with friends and share the project on social media
  • High school girls participate in SheTech to meet 3000 other girls and 500 industry role models
  • Launch a SheTech Club at your school

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