Amy Dredge

At just 20 years old, Amy Dredge graduated magna cum laude in Computer Science with Departmental Honors from Utah State University. Amy worked as a software engineer for several years, joining Pluralsight in 2013 excited by the company’s mission and the enormous opportunity to work on a product that transforms lives through sharing technology skills. As the fourth full-time engineer and 25th employee, Amy was key in growing Pluralsight to hundreds of engineers and millions of customers.

Transitioning into leadership as Engineering Manager, Amy led up to five teams and 30+ engineers at a time, hired many engineers and interns, and owned the entire Engineering hiring process.

Amy became a Pluralsight author with courses and a guide on test-driven development.

Exemplifying the importance of privacy and security in engineering, Amy became Pluralsight’s first Director of Product Security. She helped Pluralsight become SOC 2 and ISO27001 certified and obtained her own GCIH certification.

Currently as VP of the Technology Center of Excellence, Amy leads this new organization to empower Pluralsighters to sustainably create world class products, pursue mastery, and build a happy workplace.

Through these roles Amy has led Pluralsight through major transformations – several acquisitions, from founder-owned to IPO then acquisition by private equity, from primarily B2C to B2B. She helps individuals and teams navigate and champion change.

Amy is passionate about helping others in their journey. She served as ACM-W chapter President, mentored SheTech and individuals, and co-organized a virtual conference. Amy serves youth in her community, helping them prepare for adulthood and careers.

Amy stays active and especially loves running, often bringing others along for the fun.

Amy takes great pride in building her family and a strong, happy home environment. Together, Amy and her husband have brought three children into their family, with one more on the way.