Katie Iversen

Katie Iversen is an electrical engineer and business professional in renewable energy. Katie began her career at WECC in 2015 in a regulatory capacity with jurisdiction over Bulk Electric System (100 kV and above) elements. One of Katie’s most impactful projects at WECC was a study of disturbances where faults on transmission systems were causing widespread renewable resource losses. Findings from this work were published in an extensive report, and an alert was issued to owners of the resources and planners of these territories to update problematic generator settings and ensure that generator models used in power system studies accurately represent generator behavior. Since these findings were published, there has been a decrease in the number of resources lost during similar disturbances and power system models have improved.

In 2019, Katie joined AES Clean Energy (previously sPower), an owner of renewable resources with 15 GW of renewable energy projects in development and operation. In this capacity, Katie is responsible for the engineering related to regulatory requirements for sites in development and construction, as well as the existing fleet. A few AES Clean Energy projects can be seen locally at the Natural History Museum of Utah Building and Mona, Utah. Katie also serves as the Vice Chair of a standards drafting team to update regulatory standards related to power system modeling for renewable resources. As the transition to renewable energy is vital to our planet’s future, it is crucial that these resources are developed to support a reliable electric grid.

Katie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from the University of Utah in 2012, only three years after graduating from high school. She continued her education and received a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in 2015.

Katie is a mom to a 4-year-old son, 13 year-old-stepdaughter, and a baby girl born in July. In her spare time, Katie enjoys spreading her favorite STEM activities. Katie loves being outdoors – whether that is hiking, cross country skiing, camping, or simply wandering.