Laura McCarty

Laura is a key services executive for Pure Storage, a company that delivers a modern data experience that empowers organizations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage as-a-service model.Her team proactively helps customers understand challenges they may have before they happen and drives customer success across many industries including healthcare, banking, and many large service providers. Prior to Pure, Laura spent 20+ years at Cisco where she led all the Cisco engineers supporting the world’s largest service providers across the Americas, enabling virtually every telephone call, web, and gaming session on the network today. These corporations include AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

In an earlier role at Cisco, she disrupted the technical support space by innovating a first-in-class offer called Cisco Solution Support, an enterprise customer support offer that serviced not only all of Cisco’s hundreds of products, but also the complementary products of almost 200 third-party partners and vendors. This offer allowed customers to enjoy–for the first time–a centralized tech support experience for their multi-product solutions. It quickly became a billion-dollar business within Cisco and was so successful that it has since been copied by other equipment manufacturers, widely touted as an industry best practice. Laura looks to drive innovative delivery models like this at Pure.

A single mom of two successful young men, Laura believes in paying it forward and contributing to the success of future generations, as well as supporting today’s executives with their professional growth. She is an executive sponsor for Pure’s CX Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging initiative and Women of Utah and actively mentors women throughout the industry to support their career development.

Laura’s influence in the community is far-reaching and her passion for equipping future leaders is evident through The Knapp Family Scholarship. This scholarship, created in partnership with her father, helps financially-challenged juniors and seniors finish their studies at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Laura graduated from UCSD with a BA in Communications.

Laura is also an active leader in the services industry, contributing to knowledge and best-practice sharing by speaking at leading events like Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), Field Service USA and Cisco Live.