Mandy Rogers

Mandy Rogers is currently the Integrated Functional Capability Leader, Systems Engineering Manager in the Strategic Deterrent Systems Division. In this role she leads, orchestrates, and facilitates integrated hardware software functionality from conception, design, and execution through the Integrated Functional Capability DevOps Feature Factory to program milestone delivery, turning Agile Model-Based Design and Architecture into capability that will support the program’s major milestone events.

Prior to this role Mandy served as the Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Engineering and Sciences Operations Manager, supporting the organization in all strategic and tactical activities People and Performance related of nearly 17,000 engineers and scientists, spanning a globally diverse footprint in all mission domains across the Mission Systems Sector. She also serves to encourage our diverse workforce’s career development, having served as a Functional Manager in Engineering and Sciences (E&S) of global Cyber Analytics discipline technical talent. Between Program and Functional management, Mandy has led employees in D.C., Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, United Kingdom, South Korea, Hawaii, and Florida both professionally and technically. She is a graduate of the highly selective Systems Engineering Associates (SEA) Program where she rapidly rotated roles to mature her technical growth, leadership competency, and business portfolio across differing locations and sectors within Northrop Grumman. Prior to the SEA Program, she held the role of an Innovator and Software Engineer collocated with intelligence analysts. Mandy helped enable a new dynamic analysis tradecraft, Object-Based Production, through governance and integration of foundational intelligence data, as well as enabling concepts of Data Science in the Intelligence Community. Mandy pioneered large analytic efficiency gains on record creation and maintenance of a legacy system through applying User Experience (UX) techniques, allowing for an analytic time savings of up to 80% on specific tasks. Throughout her career with Northrop Grumman since joining in 2009, she has held the roles of Program Manager, Test Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Software Engineer as well as numerous rotations of varying roles within the SEA program. She is a founding member of IMPACT (Innovation, Mission, Partnership, Agile, Collaboration, Technology), a mission-driven technology collaboration process.

Mandy was awarded the 2017 Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Edwin H. Land Industry Award for displaying leadership performance that exemplifies the ability to work across organizational boundaries, understanding national security and intelligence priorities, and meeting the wide-ranging requirements of mission objectives; the ability to influence others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction and motivation; continually learning and being technically and tactically competent; committing to the value of diversity, and encouraging initiative, innovation, collaboration, resourcefulness and resilience.

In a previous role, Mandy was a full stack Instrumentation and Controls Engineer for the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility where she soldered parts as well as designed and upgraded user interface screens for both the Infrared and Ultraviolet laser tracks.

Mandy is a graduate of the Computer Engineering program at Christopher Newport University, a fusion of advanced Physics, Electrical and Software Engineering. During her undergraduate career at CNU, she received a top research award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for the Mobile Sensing Environment System (MoSES) robotics platform design and sensor integration.