Namitha Nayak

Namitha Nayak is the first female VP of R&D at NICE CXone, as well as the first remote-only R&D leader. After joining NICE CXone in 2011 as Manager of Engineering, Namitha has taken on roles of increasing responsibility and scope. She now leads the largest engineering workstream at NICE CXone overseeing the group that builds the heart of NICE CXone Cloud Contact Center Platform, including routing calls to agents, developing reporting and managing the agent experience. Her team of roughly 80 people is spread across the globe and is recognized as one of the critical R&D teams across the organization. For her accomplishments, she was recently recognized as a NICE Trailblazer, one of 8 highly accomplished women at the company.

Prior to NICE CXone, Namitha led the team building the open-source ERP application at Compiere, a fast-paced startup company, and before that was at Oracle, where she was part of the team that built the Supply Chain application in the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Having grown up during the tech boom, Namitha has been interested in the field from a young age, and earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Bangalore University followed by a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

As a first-generation immigrant from India, Namitha believes in the value of clear and open communication with people from all cultures and backgrounds as foundational to any organization. She believes that empathy and the ability to put oneself in others’ shoes is a critical leadership trait and tries to practice it in her day-to-day interactions to better understand other (sometimes opposing) points of view.

One of her passions is paving the way for women in tech. She is regularly a sounding board and mentor for women within her organization and others in her network. Namitha is not only an exceptional leader at work, but a proud mother of two teenage daughters, one a freshman in college studying Computer Science and Engineering, and the other an aspiring Environmental Engineer.