Anesha McCormick

Anesha McCormick is the Director of Product Management for Exploration at Pluralsight. In this role, she leads four shared platform teams driving product exploration efforts to create personalization, relevancy, and intelligence. As a process champion, she guides her teams to build out sustainable practices to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization.

Anesha joined Pluralsight in 2019 and has since then driven some key initiatives across the product and the company. Having worked across many different teams at Pluralsight, most recently she was the Product lead and co-creator of Unified User Data Model (UUDM), a blueprint of personal, contextual, and behavioral data to provide a 360° view of the user. She was also the Product lead for platform teams, whereas an operations expert she helped build a common set of metrics for product experience teams to measure and assess workflow efficiency.

Anesha serves the Pluralsight community in many capacities, as an advocate, teacher, mentor, and leader. In the 2020 Pluralsight Experience, she presented on, “Diversity in Tech: A Journey to Building a Healthy Team”, which was later added to an interview training module to onboard new leaders in the company. She has also served on the Pluralsight Skills Advisory Council consulting leadership in diversity and belonging solutions and initiatives. For the past three years, she has mentored Howard University Interns during their 12-week internship program at Pluralsight. As one of the co-creators and co-chairs of the seeColor ERG, an organization serving the development of BIPOC team members at Pluralsight, it has been her goal to lead out and create an environment that represents, educates, engages, grows, promotes people of color, and allows folks to show up as their best selves in their personal and professional lives.

Prior to Pluralsight, Anesha served as a product manager at Nu Skin Enterprises, where she played an instrumental role in the company’s digital transformation, leading the research, design, development, and launch of the first customer facing social media management platform, presented in a speaker series in the Sprinklr Digital Transformation Summit in 2017. From there she went on to lead the development of a new progressive sign up, login, and user profile.

Anesha is a graduate in Communications from Brigham Young University. During her graduate program, she co-authored and published a piece on government speech in the Communication Law and Policy journal in 2009. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her husband and as a bonus mom to her three beautiful children.