Krista Pappas

Krista has built over 9 different technical business functions from the ground up over the past 10 years across 4 different SaaS companies. Those functions have spanned across Business Intelligence, Data Quality Analysts, IT Help Desk & Support, Technical Training/Enablement, Program Managers, Product Managers, Business Systems Analysts, System Admins, and Engineers. She has scaled multiple companies who previously struggled with aligning their business strategy and their technical application delivery. Her most recent accomplishment was successfully migrating a local tech company’s failed billing migration of over 2 years. She is also extremely passionate about fostering diversity and equity across her technical teams which traditionally has been male dominated. She has been successful in maintaining a 50% diversity goal across her teams by coaching and mentoring underrepresented groups in the tech space through ERG sponsorships, Mentoring programs, and involvement in local community groups in Utah.