Sarah Wiley

Sarah Wiley is a Co-Founder and currently leads the Product organization at Utah-based fintech startup Hightop, helping to design and build a consumer bank replacement that bridges the gap between fiat and crypto, connecting traditional finance to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Sarah has over 20 years of experience in product and engineering, building applications across a range of development environments. She studied Computer Science at Brigham Young University and worked for 17 years as a software engineer building large-scale financial tools at Intuit. Sarah entered the world of startups as CTO of The World Table and subsequently VP of Engineering at Mainframe, where she first became enamored with blockchain technology.

At Hightop, Sarah has overseen the development of the product, design, and engineering functions and has grown the product development teams to 20+ people. With a strong focus on building diverse teams, she is especially proud to have a world-class backend engineering team that is 80% female. She has overseen the development of Hightop’s highly performant, compliant, secure, and beautiful mobile application, including designing complex and reliable flow of funds. She has managed key partner relationships and integrations for banking, crypto, and KYC functionality in the app.

Sarah is a registered patent-holder, and in 2021 she was named to the Governor’s Fintech Council of Utah.

Sarah and her husband are very active in the Provo music community. They are owners of June Audio Recording Studios, and founders of the Rooftop Concert Series in Downtown Provo and music group The Lower Lights. They have 5 active children and spend a lot of time supporting their interests including music, theater, go-karting, ceramics, fashion, cars, video games, dogs, and roller coasters. That leaves precious little time for Sarah’s other interests – hiking, yoga, and going to the movies.