Alison Fuller

Alison Fuller is the CFO of Canopy, a vertical SaaS company based in Draper. Her visionary contributions and strategic approach have been instrumental in driving the company’s remarkable turnaround.

With a keen eye for innovation and market opportunities, Alison was part of the team that led the company through a transformative shift, moving away from its historical niche in tax resolution and tax prep to embrace the future in accounting firm practice management. She defined the company’s ARR structure and SaaS metrics, laying the foundation for multiple years of positive year-over-year growth. Her expertise in navigating complex financial forecasting and building core metrics aligned the entire organization toward achieving shared objectives.

Under Alison’s visionary leadership, Canopy achieved outstanding success in fundraising, raising significant Series AA and Series BB rounds, as well as organizing a substantial debt facility. Her financial acumen instilled confidence in the board and steered the company in the right direction. With a focus on clear communication and transparency, Alison ensures that all stakeholders, from board members to employees, have a deep understanding of the company’s financials and non-financial metrics. She’s even taught the Canopy employee base what “basis points” are and why they matter.

Alison is an active member of the Utah tech community, including the Salt Lake Chamber’s Finance Committee, where she advocates for economic development. She has also been recognized as an emerging leader in the finance community and recently participated in an exclusive program for venture-backed, growth-stage CFOs.

Beyond her professional achievements, Alison loves adventuring with her family and is working hard to develop her mountain biking and cross-country skiing skills, depending on the season. Her blend of intelligence, compassion, and genuine care for every employee at Canopy is driving the company’s success and paving the way for future tech leaders in Utah.