Anitha Christopher

Anitha is the Vice President with Digital Workplace Engineering at Goldman Sachs, leading adoption of new technologies for communications and collaboration. She is focused to align several engineering functions on productivity tools and user experience. Her accomplishments as a solution architect includes client apps architecture, automation, configuration enhancement, datacenter, and platform migrations. She helps drive “Buy Vs Build” decision through market available commercial solutions assessment and integrate systems around the globe.

With over 19 years of experience in Platform Engineering, Citrix Architecture, Cloud Technologies, Configuration Management and Product Engineering, Anitha specializes in virtualization and cloud computing for enhanced interoperability. She converges in product roadmap development and deployment mitigation strategies.

Anitha is actively engaged with Goldman Sachs Women in Engineering network, to make a difference within the community. Beyond work, she is passionate about helping students of all ages through STEM projects including Code Your Escape, Hour of Code, SheTech and Junior Achievements. Anitha also partners with Women Tech Council, National Center for Women in Tech, Girl Scouts of Utah, and Utah STEM Action Center to identify community engagement opportunities. In 2020 she was nominated to run the Engineering Internship program where she helps mentor the interns with technical, social, and soft skills.

Anitha has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology. She has had various IT roles during her career, working for large corporations such as Microsoft and IBM.