Corrine Beaumont

Dr. Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, MFA PhD, is an extraordinary designer who has harnessed technology to make a profound impact on early detection for breast cancer globally through a lifesaving campaign, app, and virtual educator program.

After losing her grandmothers and a close friend to breast cancer, Corrine quit her job as a university lecturer in London and started the Know Your Lemons Foundation with her own savings as a single mom. Since 2017, her campaign has reached an astounding 1.85 billion people online, in 34 languages, saving lives of women around the world.

Taking the campaign a step further, Corrine designed the Know Your Lemons app, a tool that improves early detection of breast cancer. It’s received three Webby Nominations and users cite it as the reason their cancer was found in time.

The last component was building a virtual community to train and support volunteer educators. In just four years Corrine has trained over 800 certified educators who are saving lives in over 60 countries—the only global network of its kind.

Corrine’s expertise in technology and communication design is sought after by prominent international organizations, serving as a panel member for the WHO Global Breast Cancer Initiative, and the World Cancer Day committee. She’s spoken at the United Nations Conference, the World Cancer Congress, and interviewed by the BBC, CNN, and other major news outlets. Her recent TEDx talk illustrated the innovative way she’s combined design and technology to break taboos around breasts and dispel fears about cancer, earning her a standing ovation.

In addition to her professional work and travel adventures with her daughter, Corrine supports Utah initiatives by mentoring Utah State University students, and co-chairing a subcommittee with the Bolder Way Forward initiative to elevate women’s health in Utah.