Emily Togaga’e

Emily Togaga’e grew up in the heart of Wisconsin farmlands, and with 2 brothers and 7 sisters – she quickly learned the value of teamwork. Their 3 family businesses included a wedding venue, daycare, and a novelty health food store with accompanying café. This gave Emily the opportunity to wear many hats in her early career including working as a store clerk, cashier, waitress, assistant chef, general landscape laborer, cleaner, wedding coordinator, expo planner, telemarketer, and facility tour guide. These early years formed the foundation of true belief that she could do anything.

Halfway through college as a first-generation college student, Emily put her studies on hold to be a missionary and share her strong conviction that living Christlike principles is the key to happiness. She set out to bless the lives of others not knowing that what awaited her return 18 months later would be the biggest blessing in her life. She fell in love with a pacific islander she met as a missionary, and the following year they were married overseas. After the birth of their daughter, Emily and her young family returned to Brigham Young University Idaho to complete her bachelor’s degree in physics. For her senior thesis, Emily introduced data analytics for reducing nuclear waste through modeling and simulation of Uranium Dioxide, a project that earned her a prestigious internship at Idaho National Laboratory.

For the last 5 years Emily has been leading software development innovation for the Air Force stealth fighter fleet. She is leading game changing work on passenger drones, cyber secure tablet applications, and fighter jet cross platform compatibility all while delivering this cutting-edge technology in a fraction of the time and cost of competitors.

Emily is a mother of three, enjoys playing board games, lei making, and taking road trips across America.