Kayla Rubin

Kayla Rubin grew up in an Air Force family, having lived in parts of Texas for most of middle school and moving to Washington State during her high school years. She is from a family of four and is very close to her sister Anna. She was very passionate about Art growing up and had a great respect for the Air Force and its culture.

After graduating, Kayla left home and moved to Arizona for a year where she worked as a Cake Decorator at a grocery store. She later realized that she wanted to go to college and moved back to Washington where she started pursuing classes in accounting. It wasn’t until her friend had started developing a video game that she learned how to code. She originally wanted to help with the art for the game but was told she could help more if she could code too. She took an intro to programming course in python and enjoyed it so much she eventually got a bachelor’s in computer science.

For the last two years, Kayla has worked as a government Software Engineer for the Air Force, as a member of Project FOX. Her team has worked to bring rapid capabilities to the warfighter, including F22 and F35 platforms. She has helped develop secure solutions using containerization with zero-trust infrastructure and rapid feature development via the team’s multiple apps. Her work provides rapid capability integration for the warfighter, helping fight vendor-lock, and cut costs for the American tax dollar.

In her free time, Kayla enjoys watching horror movies, reading historical fiction, and continuing to make both digital and traditional art.