Robbyn Scribner

Robbyn Scribner is a women’s labor force expert, consultant, and career coach. She is Co-Founder and Director of Outreach for Tech-Moms, a workforce development program that helps women transition into the tech industry. Robbyn and her co-founders created Tech-Moms with the understanding that in today’s world, every company is a tech company and that there is a place for every woman in tech. Since launching in 2020, the Tech-Moms team has trained, mentored, and coached more than 350 women. Robbyn’s mission is to help every Tech-Mom develop the confidence, skills, and direction to find the career pathway that is right for her.

Throughout her career, Robbyn has been a fierce advocate for community awareness of women’s issues and has given scores of keynote speeches, workshops, trainings, and presentations. Robbyn is also a prolific researcher and writer who has published more than 50 reports, articles, or snapshots on a wide variety of topics, including women’s labor force participation, the gender wage gap, male allies, women in STEM, sexism in Utah, and workplace flexibility. These efforts are central to Robbyn’s personal commitment to effecting meaningful change in Utah’s professional landscape and opening doors for Utah’s women.

Robbyn holds Master’s and Bachelor degrees from Brigham Young University, and she is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. She has a special interest in women’s work life integration, highlighting the challenges women face in trying to balance work and family responsibilities, while advocating for creative solutions to advance women’s professional wellbeing.

Robbyn’s prior professional endeavors include co-founding a tech startup (was Tracking First, now Claravine), touring the US as an actress in a Broadway musical, and teaching college students how to write. A mother of 6 rowdy kids, Robbyn loves to play volleyball, sing, and hike in the beautiful Utah mountains.