Tami Fisher

Tami Fisher is an Executive Technology Strategist and Business Leader, known for maximizing business operations with enabling technologies, elite performing teams, and scalable enterprise strategies. Having successfully taken on diverse leadership positions, Tami has proven an unparalleled ability to drive positive change and optimize results. She thrives on building and shaping world-class teams and creating collaborative performance-based cultures of excellence to deliver value.

One notable accomplishment of Tami’s is the implementation of an extensive talent upskilling program. Recognizing the importance of nurturing internal talent, Tami spearheaded a comprehensive initiative to prepare nearly one thousand technologists with the skill and experience necessary to deliver on key strategic capabilities. This visionary program not only ensures the organization’s long-term success, but also empowers employees to thrive in a constantly evolving technology landscape.

In addition to her leadership and talent development acumen, Tami has a unique talent for simplifying complex narratives. Tami is a recognized expert at quickly connecting the dots around complex ideas and distilling them into manageable elements. She consistently brings clarity and resolution to challenging situations. Her exceptional communication skills and strategic thinking enable stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, ultimately driving success through multiple transformations.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tami is a passionate mentor who actively seeks to create space for non-traditional technologists within the ecosystem. She embraces diversity and is adept at recognizing the unique strengths of the individual which allows her the opportunity to support many early- and mid-career women as they navigate career highs and lows. Tami’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment has inspired many aspiring technologists in their career journey.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Tami is a visionary leader whose advocacy for talent development and ability to drive positive change enables innovation, fosters inclusion, and paves the way for a brighter future.