Lisa Kimball

Lisa Kimball is the Senior Vice President of Product and Strategic Programs for Finicity.  She works with customers, partners, and industry innovators to advance the use of and creative thought around consumer-permissioned financial data.

Lisa joined Finicity in 2017 and has led strategic product launches for Experian Boost, UltraFICO and Verification of Income and Employment solutions.  Lisa has a unique understanding of the frustrations that come with the manual processes in financial services, which drive her and her team to improve automation and bring innovative products into the market.  Lisas passion for empowering consumers to manage and provide the needed information to make their data work for them results in tireless advocacy for consumers throughout the product development process.

Lisa has two decades of experience in financial services and leverages her expertise in strategic planning, business transformation, program management, bank operations and finance to drive next generation financial services across the industry.  Before joining Finicity, Lisa spent over 15 years in bank technology and operations with regional and global financial institutions.  She holds a bachelors degree in accounting and an MBA from the University of Utah.

Outside of work, Lisa takes advantage of the rich outdoor opportunities available in Utah.  She is also involved in supporting Salt Lakes refugee community through her volunteer work with the International Rescue Committee and Know Your Neighbor program.