Melissa Bueno Hamilton

Melissa Bueno Hamilton is the Director of Teaching and Learning and the Technology Director for Murray City School District.  Murray is located in suburban Salt Lake County with an enrollment of over 6500 students districtwide.  She is responsible for making her district a 1:1 district within 4 months of an overall 3 year vision.  Missy has helped engineer the first ever 5G systems to accommodate internet connectivity access to all students within the district as well as bringing wireless access points to apartment complexes where students live, offering hot spots to families and even moving radio antennas on buildings to broadcast more directly to surrounding neighborhoods.

Missy has written millions of dollars in grants to enhance digital teaching and learning and bring robust after school computer programs and coding classes to students.  Other grant funding has helped the technology department create paid internship opportunities for high school students to pave the way for college and career experience upon graduation.

Missy serves on the State Digital Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee where she help set the direction for digital learning throughout the state of Utah.  A two-time Administrator of the Year in multiple school districts and a two time National Distinguished Schools Award winning principal, Missy prides herself on being a transformational leader in educational technology.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Missy helped deploy 6,500 students to remote learning with a personal device within hours and internet access to homes through hotspots, ensuring all students could meaningfully engage in learning.  Missy serves as the front facing help for over 50 education technology applications as well as the back end on-boarding, training of teachers and rostering of students to multiple learning platforms.  Missy develops and maintains websites, writes/builds courses for teacher development and runs the analytics of the district data management systems.