Seraphine Kapsandoy-Jones, PhD, RN

Seraphine Kapsandoy-Jones is the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Intermountain Healthcare. In this role, she partners with business and clinical caregivers to help leverage industry leading technology to achieve world-class patient care strategic goals and initiatives. She applies her clinical care background and advanced healthcare education to deliver projects that support improved quality of care, data integrity, enhanced security and regulatory compliance. She has experience integrating new Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) software across large, complex hospital systems and managing multi-disciplinary teams.

In her current role she oversees 200 full time employees and a budget in excess of $50 million. She has led three of the most challenging Knowledge Bases on the Intermountain Healthcare Care Transformation Team, Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, and Adoption & Support. Under her leadership, her teams successfully completed implementation of Intermountain’s EHR in 23 Acute-Care Hospitals as well as provided ongoing optimization of that EHR for those hospitals, countless clinics, and ambulatory care facilities throughout Intermountain. She has over 16 years of nursing and clinical informatics experience including, cardiovascular clinical programs, medical surgical, wound/enterostomal therapy, trauma and transplant, emergency, rapid treatment, cardiovascular, and informatics. She received a PhD in informatics and a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Utah.