Haley Kirk

Haley Kirk is an Information Systems major at Brigham Young University. Her passion for problem solving has been integral to the direction of her educational and professional pursuits. It was this drive that first led her to the world of technology and programming. This trajectory led to participation in several competitions, one being within BYU’s Information Systems major in which she and her team placed first. Also notable was an international competition in Minnesota in which she and her team placed first out of the American schools, and third overall. Haley has shown her commitment to helping others learn to think outside the box by sharing her knowledge and experience with hundreds of students as an Information Systems Teaching Assistant. In this capacity, she taught students how to approach complex programming problems, helping them see how to apply solutions to both the problem in question and future problems. Additionally, Haley has had the opportunity to utilize her unique problem-solving methods in uncharted territory. She is currently the co-leader of a study which uses mouse-tracking technology to detect levels of compassion in individual subjects. She also tackled problems on a daily basis in the Summer of 2018 as a Web Development Intern for PetSmart.

While solving problems within her professional career is something she enjoys, Haley also enjoys solving problems in the community by volunteering with various youth resource organizations including Gym Kids and Project Youth, both affiliated with BYU. She is a member of the Association for Information Systems and has advised a start-up designed to teach stay-at-home mothers programming skills.

Haley was born in Marina, California and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Information Systems at BYU.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2017

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