Jerika Ostler

Jerika Ostler is currently studying Information Systems (IS) in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University (BYU). Originally from a small, farming community in Southern Utah, Jerika has always looked for opportunities to explore her passion for technology. Her interest in the subject began in high school after taking a class in web design. Since then, she has striven to expand her understanding and love for technology, while concurrently encouraging others, specifically young women, to do the same.

During her junior year, Jerika served as the vice president of technology in the Women in Business (WIB) club and enjoyed the opportunity this position provided to serve and reach out to other women interested in STEM programs. In this position, she worked continuously to be an advocate for women in both technology and business by participating in various club events, for the purposes of encouraging young women to follow their passion into various business and technology majors, like her. Through her dedication in both her position in the WIB club and as an IS TA, Jerika has spent a significant amount of time mentoring undergraduate women. She immensely enjoyed the one-on-one interactions she had in these roles, which is what led her to become an information systems mentor starting in the fall. This new position will allow her to work with women on a more consistent, individual basis.

Upon graduation, Jerika plans to become more heavily involved in the volunteer opportunities to teach women and youth about technology, specifically coding. Jerika sees a huge potential for women in business to make a difference, whether they chose a traditional workplace job, or other non-traditional opportunities, such as remote coding. She believes that the business world is continually expanding and changing, and women should be a major part of the change.

The Women Tech Awards

Wednesday, October 24, 2017

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