Lina Nillson Headshots-75

Lina Nilsson is Senior Director of Data Science Product at Recursion, a biotech that is reimagining drug discovery using machine learning and large-scale laboratory automation. Previously, she was the COO of Enlitic, a biotech startup that develops deep learning solutions to improve clinical radiology. As Innovation Director at the University of California, Berkeley, she helped spin out social-impact technologies and develop entrepreneurial programs for students. She conceptualized and helped launch HardwareX, a peer-reviewed journal for open source hardware that is hosted by Elsevier. Lina has been recognized on MIT Technology Review’s “TR35” annual list of the world’s top innovators.  Her writings on open science, social impact technologies, and gender & tech have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Science, and Make Magazine.  As a volunteer guide for the Sierra Club, Lina leads backpacking trips in the remote Arctic – the next adventure is in the Brooks Range, Alaska!  Lina has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the ETH Zurich in Switzerland.