March 1 marks the first SheTech Explorer Day of the year. 300 different STEM industry experts will be at UVU to mentor the 1,500 high schools girls expected to attend.

The event offers engaging hands on experience. Attendees can expect to dabble in robotics, coding, diamond cutting, pixel art, biotech, and forensics under the guidance of experts. This exposure helps inspire girls to pursue STEM in their educations and careers.

“As the technology sector continues to grow in Silicon Slopes and worldwide, so does the demand for skilled, qualified workers to fill the multiplying number of jobs in these booming companies,” says Cydni Tetro, President of Women Tech Council. “Engaging girls at early ages, starting in K-12, will help increase the quantity and quality of students entering college to study STEM fields, expanding the talent pipeline and economy in Silicon Slopes and the technology sector as a whole.”

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By Meg Walter, Beehive Startups