Dialogues, Advocates Key in Creating Diverse Company Culture

To create real workplace diversity and equality, dialogues and champions are key, said panelists at the Women’s Tech Council Talent Innovation Summit Tuesday.

While there are many reasons for companies to strive for diversity in the workplace, one is something that virtually every business is always working towards: the bottom line.

“We don’t think about gender because it’s gender—we think about gender in terms of teams,” said Cydni Tetro, co-founder and executive director of the Women’s Tech Council. “There are massive numbers of studies that will tell you teams perform better financially when they have women on that, and they’ve tracked that for many years.”

The Women’s Tech Council has been working to deepen the research and knowledge […]


Leaders progress in propelling Utah women in tech forward, despite ranking No. 36 in U.S.

This Summit sought to further last year’s talking points on the subject of inclusion in the technology workplace. More than just talking though, the WTC and its business partners are also proactively driving awareness and action on more diversity in the tech industries. Cydni Tetro, co-founder/executive director, and fellow WTC members announced the recent launch of a new WTC program, the Inclusion Best Practices Forum.

As Tetro explained, the Inclusion Best Practices Forum’s work is to partner with local companies who are leaders in workplace diversity. Forum organizer’s plan to break down these companies’ best practices so they can be duplicated and adopted within other companies. Through this, they will be building data – […]

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