The Leonardo and Women Tech Council (WTC) have partnered to open the Women Innovators exhibit, a highly interactive exhibit showing the impact of women in driving innovation in business and technology. Unveiled Wednesday, November 16, the exhibit features a touch screen interface with profiles of 162 women leaders in a variety of industries, including tech, aerospace, computer science, engineering, life sciences and business. The interactive touch screen display allows viewers to see the innovations and accomplishments of each woman. The exhibit also includes physical assets showcasing other innovations donated by some of the companies featured within the exhibit.

“Inspiring innovation and creativity in our visitors is at the center of everything we do here at The Leonardo,” said Alexandra Hesse, executive director of The Leonardo. “Utah has an incredible history of innovation that continues to this day, with women leaders driving many of the advances we are seeing.  We’re extraordinarily proud to partner with Women Tech Council to bring this installation to life as part of a large-scale plan to build out a full exhibit showcasing Utah’s innovative companies, products and people. We hope that with this first step, The Leonardo will ultimately serve as an innovation hub for all of our visitors.”

The 162 profiled women have all been finalists for the Women Tech Awards for their impact in innovation, growing organizations and giving back. Those featured include everything from CEOs to cancer researchers.

“Women play a vital role in driving the technology economy and are an invaluable component of successful organizations,” said Cydni Tetro, executive director of WTC. “Through this exhibit, the stories and successes of these remarkable women will continue to inspire and challenge the next generation to get involved in STEM courses and careers, helping to grow the talent pipeline and develop leaders and innovators who will shape the future.”


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By Andrew Parker, The Leonardo