SALT LAKE CITY — Big players in the Utah tech scene have committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions by including at least one qualified female candidate in the interview process for every open position, vice president or above, according to a Silicon Slopes news release.

Utah tech companies Qualtrics, Domo, Pluralsight and InsideSales have all shared their support for the initiative, called the “ParityPledge.” National companies, including Cisco, Ralph Lauren and Lyft have also voiced their commitment.

There are no quotas or deadlines for companies that take the pledge, they simply have to include at least one woman in the interview process. is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring gender parity and equality to the highest levels of business, according to the organization’s website. Silicon Slopes, a nonprofit organization working with the Utah tech and startup communities, collaborated with’s founder Cathrin Stickney to develop the ParityPledge over the last few months.

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