Cydni Tetro has worked with companies some people only dream about, like Disney, Star Wars and Warner Bros.

And she also leads a nonprofit in Utah that aims to embolden women in the tech community.

Tetro spoke on the Deseret News Silicon Slopes Hour this week. She and host Clint Betts discussed her previous work with Disney and her leadership of the Women Tech Council.

She said she started her career at Disney as an entrepreneur in residence, working in a tech lab there to help build products for the company. She worked for the theme parks, the different businesses associated with Disney and the corporation itself.

She now serves as president for the Women Tech Council. The platform works to offer assistance to women in tech, giving them mentorship and leadership advice.

“Our community is made up of every layer. Right? It’s not made up of just senior people, or by five people in a room,” she said. “It’s made up by creating something that everyone can be apart of and get value from. And when you have lots of champions.”

She said that in a winning organization “all people at all layers want to participate. And every time they have an experience with you, it’s an invaluable exchange. We hold ourselves to that standard.”

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By Herb Scribner, Deseret News